Keep your home clean and free of chemicals

Ok, so I have spent so long trying to find a decent natural home cleaner, and I think I might have found the one.

Made in New Zealand, Green Sense Natural Cleaners have been developed with chemists to ensure that they are effective, whilst only containing natural ingredients. They also contain natural essential oils which smell incredible, and bring an uplifting scent to your home.

Green Sense cleaners have 3 different spray cleaners – A kitchen spray, bathroom spray and a general cleaner. They also have a few different packs with spray cleaners and natural brushes and compostable cloths (which are also amazing).

Green Sense only use environmentally friendly packaging, with a recyclable cardboard box, and gorgeous glass bottles that look great on your kitchen bench.

So next time you need a spray and wipe, avoid the chemical-laden sprays and opt instead for a healthier yet effective alternative and support a lovely small business at the same time by choosing Green Sense!

Published by The Luxury Greenhouse

We are passionate about quality style and design, but are also conscious of the impact that we as human beings are having on our planet. We created the luxury greenhouse to promote a more ecologically sound way of having a stylish home, wardrobe and lifestyle in general.

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