Dressing Sustainably: A capsule.

Capsule wardrobes are absolutely wonderful for dressing more sustainably. They also make getting dressed each morning, so.much.easier.

The key to creating a great capsule wardrobe, is to make sure that you cover your bases. If you have no foundation to work upon, your outfit isn’t going to look balanced.

This means having one of each essential item such as a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a coat, a jumper, a dress, a skirt etc. These essentials will depend on how you normally dress (eg. if you don’t wear dresses, then don’t add a dress. If you like to wear lots of t-shirts, then maybe add a few of t-shirts so that you aren’t doing a load of washing every day.

We’ve made a list of our favourite sustainable items to make up a great, stylish capsule wardrobe. Some of the items may seem expensive, but remember, with a capsule wardrobe, less is more, so you can afford to spend more, on less items. You’ll also feel and see the difference in quality of more expensive items!

  1. A plain t-shirt

This t-shirt from KOWTOW has trendy statement sleeves, whilst remaining understated overall, making it a great option for your capsule wardrobe.

KOWTOW focuses heavily on ethics and environmentally sustainable methods.

Kowtow $149

2. A dress

Something simple like a slip dress is a great option, as you can wear it all year round. In summer, wear it alone with some sandals, or with a shirt overtop. In winter wear a cosy jumper over the top, and a pair of boots.

This beautiful slip is from Silk Laundry. An Australian brand which is eco and ethical conscious, without compromising on style.

Silk Laundry $270

3. A blazer

Blazers are ultimate capsule wardrobe material. They go over just about anything, and have the ability to absolutely transform an outfit.

This stunning piece is from Maggie Marilyn. This is a brand that is serious about preventing environmental impact. Whilst studying fashion design, Maggie Hewitt was absolutely disgusted to learn how un-ethical and unsustainable fast fashion was, and decided she needed to do something about it, by starting her own brand.

Support her cause, and look amazing with her Just Getting Started Blazer.

Maggie Marilyn $995

4. Jeans

Finding a decent pair of jeans is always a bit of a challenge, but Maggie Hewitt has done it again with these babies.

The description explains that these jeans have been tested by “all shapes and sizes, big bums, small bums, flat bums, round bums.

With a classic and versatile style that will always look great, these jeans are a great capsule wardrobe addition.

Wear them with a plain t-shirt and a blazer, or a cosy jumper and sneakers in the winter.

Maggie Marilyn $225

Published by The Luxury Greenhouse

We are passionate about quality style and design, but are also conscious of the impact that we as human beings are having on our planet. We created the luxury greenhouse to promote a more ecologically sound way of having a stylish home, wardrobe and lifestyle in general.

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