Luxury Hair Care With A Reduced Environmental Impact

It’s never easy trying to find decent hair products that are all natural. Drying, or heavy-hair-causing shampoo bars, cleansing waters that don’t feel like they’re doing anything, and frizzy dry hair. It almost seems impossible to find something that actually works.

Well my friends, don’t give up just yet. EVO hair products are at your rescue, with their wonderful collection of hair products for all. Whether you have oily hair, frizzy hair (you’ll just love their mane tamer collection), curly, straight, coarse or coloured hair, Evo has something for you.

An Australian brand, EVO has broken into the haircare world receiving a great reception from many hair care enthusiasts. Their tagline: “Saving ordinary humans from themselves,” may confuse one, but their products, are simple, yet nothing short of incredible. With a focus on reducing their environmental impact, and their hard working salon grade products, EVO has ticked all the boxes!

I have given many friends and also my Mum EVO products in the past, and let me tell you, all of these people come with their hair complaints: My mother suffers from incredibly frizzy feathery fluffy hair: mane tamer: absolute game changer. of these recipients of my kind gift has told me how much they absolutely love these products, and that they can’t stop, won’t stop purchasing them from now on. If only I worked on commission…

If you want to check out this incredible business and purchase your very own hair products, you can do so at all good salons in NZ and Aussie, or pop onto their website

Published by The Luxury Greenhouse

We are passionate about quality style and design, but are also conscious of the impact that we as human beings are having on our planet. We created the luxury greenhouse to promote a more ecologically sound way of having a stylish home, wardrobe and lifestyle in general.

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