Dressing Sustainably: A capsule.

Capsule wardrobes are absolutely wonderful for dressing more sustainably. They also make getting dressed each morning, so.much.easier.

The key to creating a great capsule wardrobe, is to make sure that you cover your bases. If you have no foundation to work upon, your outfit isn’t going to look balanced.

This means having one of each essential item such as a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a coat, a jumper, a dress, a skirt etc. These essentials will depend on how you normally dress (eg. if you don’t wear dresses, then don’t add a dress. If you like to wear lots of t-shirts, then maybe add a few of t-shirts so that you aren’t doing a load of washing every day.

We’ve made a list of our favourite sustainable items to make up a great, stylish capsule wardrobe. Some of the items may seem expensive, but remember, with a capsule wardrobe, less is more, so you can afford to spend more, on less items. You’ll also feel and see the difference in quality of more expensive items!

  1. A plain t-shirt

This t-shirt from KOWTOW has trendy statement sleeves, whilst remaining understated overall, making it a great option for your capsule wardrobe.

KOWTOW focuses heavily on ethics and environmentally sustainable methods.

Kowtow $149

2. A dress

Something simple like a slip dress is a great option, as you can wear it all year round. In summer, wear it alone with some sandals, or with a shirt overtop. In winter wear a cosy jumper over the top, and a pair of boots.

This beautiful slip is from Silk Laundry. An Australian brand which is eco and ethical conscious, without compromising on style.

Silk Laundry $270

3. A blazer

Blazers are ultimate capsule wardrobe material. They go over just about anything, and have the ability to absolutely transform an outfit.

This stunning piece is from Maggie Marilyn. This is a brand that is serious about preventing environmental impact. Whilst studying fashion design, Maggie Hewitt was absolutely disgusted to learn how un-ethical and unsustainable fast fashion was, and decided she needed to do something about it, by starting her own brand.

Support her cause, and look amazing with her Just Getting Started Blazer.

Maggie Marilyn $995

4. Jeans

Finding a decent pair of jeans is always a bit of a challenge, but Maggie Hewitt has done it again with these babies.

The description explains that these jeans have been tested by “all shapes and sizes, big bums, small bums, flat bums, round bums.

With a classic and versatile style that will always look great, these jeans are a great capsule wardrobe addition.

Wear them with a plain t-shirt and a blazer, or a cosy jumper and sneakers in the winter.

Maggie Marilyn $225

Keep your home clean and free of chemicals

Ok, so I have spent so long trying to find a decent natural home cleaner, and I think I might have found the one.

Made in New Zealand, Green Sense Natural Cleaners have been developed with chemists to ensure that they are effective, whilst only containing natural ingredients. They also contain natural essential oils which smell incredible, and bring an uplifting scent to your home.

Green Sense cleaners have 3 different spray cleaners – A kitchen spray, bathroom spray and a general cleaner. They also have a few different packs with spray cleaners and natural brushes and compostable cloths (which are also amazing).

Green Sense only use environmentally friendly packaging, with a recyclable cardboard box, and gorgeous glass bottles that look great on your kitchen bench.

So next time you need a spray and wipe, avoid the chemical-laden sprays and opt instead for a healthier yet effective alternative and support a lovely small business at the same time by choosing Green Sense!

Luxury Hair Care With A Reduced Environmental Impact

It’s never easy trying to find decent hair products that are all natural. Drying, or heavy-hair-causing shampoo bars, cleansing waters that don’t feel like they’re doing anything, and frizzy dry hair. It almost seems impossible to find something that actually works.

Well my friends, don’t give up just yet. EVO hair products are at your rescue, with their wonderful collection of hair products for all. Whether you have oily hair, frizzy hair (you’ll just love their mane tamer collection), curly, straight, coarse or coloured hair, Evo has something for you.

An Australian brand, EVO has broken into the haircare world receiving a great reception from many hair care enthusiasts. Their tagline: “Saving ordinary humans from themselves,” may confuse one, but their products, are simple, yet nothing short of incredible. With a focus on reducing their environmental impact, and their hard working salon grade products, EVO has ticked all the boxes!

I have given many friends and also my Mum EVO products in the past, and let me tell you, all of these people come with their hair complaints: My mother suffers from incredibly frizzy feathery fluffy hair: mane tamer: absolute game changer. Every.single.one of these recipients of my kind gift has told me how much they absolutely love these products, and that they can’t stop, won’t stop purchasing them from now on. If only I worked on commission…

If you want to check out this incredible business and purchase your very own hair products, you can do so at all good salons in NZ and Aussie, or pop onto their website https://www.evohair.com/

Say no to micro plastics with GuppyFriend

One of the troublesome things about all of the activewear we’re now sporting, is that the majority of it is made from polyester, acrylic & nylon, which are synthetic threads made from plastics and chemicals. Whilst there are some great initiatives from activewear companies such as recycling ocean plastics and making them into a comfy pair of leggings, lots of these tiny plastic strands come loose during their wash cycle. The strands (or micro plastics), are so small, that they pass through your washing machine filter, into the pipes and eventually into rivers, lakes and oceans.

(Activewear isn’t the only culprit here, as other cheaper brands sell clothing, bedding and other fabric items made from these fibres. Always check the labels to check what your clothes are made from. When shopping, try to avoid buying clothes made from synthetic materials.)

The issue with this, is that our fishy friends think these micro plastics are food, and the ingestion of these plastics, is killing them. For those who eat seafood, it is thought that a lot of seafood is now contaminated with plastic. Not only is this an issue for fish though, as the world is running out of fresh water, we are now having to recycle our waste water, which means we are likely drinking water that has been contaminated with micro plastics. It is well known that our exposure to plastic chemicals can cause autoimmune disorders and cancer.

This is absolutely no good, but don’t throw out your sweaty betty’s just yet. You can prevent and reduce the micro plastics from entering your local waterways and waste water facilities with your very own GuppyFriend.

These bags are wonderful, just chuck your dirty clothes containing polyester fibres into these large bags, zip them up and throw them in the wash. Once the wash is completed, simply hang your clothes out, and tip the remaining micro plastics into the rubbish bin.

I have used these bags for the past week and have been so shocked to see how many fibres I find in them, that would otherwise have been swept out to a river or lake nearby.

You can find GuppyFriend bags at guppyfriend.com and other leading sustainable stores worldwide.