Dressing Sustainably: A capsule.

Capsule wardrobes are absolutely wonderful for dressing more sustainably. They also make getting dressed each morning, so.much.easier. The key to creating a great capsule wardrobe, is to make sure that you cover your bases. If you have no foundation to work upon, your outfit isn’t going to look balanced. This means having one of eachContinue reading “Dressing Sustainably: A capsule.”

Luxury Hair Care With A Reduced Environmental Impact

It’s never easy trying to find decent hair products that are all natural. Drying, or heavy-hair-causing shampoo bars, cleansing waters that don’t feel like they’re doing anything, and frizzy dry hair. It almost seems impossible to find something that actually works. Well my friends, don’t give up just yet. EVO hair products are at yourContinue reading “Luxury Hair Care With A Reduced Environmental Impact”

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Hi, I’m Lauren. Here’s me holding up a tub of BePure collagen! I’m passionate about all things lifestyle, design and fashion. In recent years, I have become concerned about our impact on the planet, yet want to remain stylish, have a well-designed home and live a luxurious lifestyle. After spending hours trying to find more information on how to find sustainable alternatives to things that I wanted, I decided to start this website, to help others think about their impact on the world, but still find delight in beautiful items.

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